Taal-Net Varsity Alumni

Upon completion of you matric, certificate or diploma you become a Taal-Net alumnus. The knowledge we imparted to you can also be shared with others and your work experience can benefit us as well. You have been part of us and still you are, we have all gone to different places but distance is not a barrier. You can play a very important role in making us realize our potential. And in particular our vision of becoming the best academic institute in the world. Sharing your past, your present, your future with us, former students and others you enhance the learning process.

We sincerely invite all our alumni from all walks of life to share our experiences, vision and mission. So that together we create a satisfying learning environment that seeks high expectations for success, skills and character development. Necessary to optimize students full potential to become responsible builders of their future and stewards of our world.

We are appealing for social and material support through former student’s participation. This initiative also gives our alumni the chance to network and share ideas in this dynamic.

Acclaimed Alumini - Noreen Jacha

I enrolled for a Diploma in Business Management at Taal-Net way back in 2014, after having been referred by a friend. It took me two years to complete the course with very credible results. Such, for me, was embarking on a journey destined for dizzy heights and bright career prospects. The lecturers executed their duties with utmost diligence and professionalism that is second to none. They were helpful, kind hearted and, most of all, exemplary role models. I’m very grateful that they moulded me to become the person that I am today and groomed me to fit easily into any business environment and set up.

After completing my course I took up a job as an administrator with Taal-Net in January 2016.I became a member of a robust administrative team whose mentors were very supportive. I have since gained a lot of experience and vast knowledge that I do not hesitate to show off in any business environment. Taal-Net has been to me, what the heart is to the body. I’m contemplating enrolling for a course in Early Childhood Development with Taal-Net very soon. I know very well that with the calibre of lecturers that the institution has, results are guaranteed. Taal-Net is a brand I would not think twice to refer someone who intends to pursue further studies.

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