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We are a Result Oriented Matric Rewrite Center

Failed matric ?  There is no need to feel depressed, hopeless and  lonely. We are  here for you and remember there is always a second chance. Get in touch with our Matric Rewrite Center today to learn more  about the matric rewrite options on offer. We help you to  identify what made you fail and  make you pass in your second sitting. If you failed your matric or you have not done it before, Taal-NET Varsity Matric Rewrite Center  is the best school for you.

Most professional companies in RSA requires that every employee have at least a Matric Certificate. Such initiatives help employees to keep up to date with business & professional developments leading to increased confidence and motivation. Having a Matric Certificate improves chances of being promoted at work and getting better opportunities in the business world.


National Senior Certificate (Old Syllabus)

Senior Certificate - New Syllabus (CAPS)

National Certificate Vocational - Technical Matric

Good Matric results further develop your employability skills-transferable such as numeracy, communication, information, information technology and improve your earnings within the company & industry.

Provided by the Taal-NET Varsity, this programme is available by distance learning, allowing you to study flexibly while balancing work and personal life.

Our Campuses - Across Gauteng

  • Kempton Park (Head Office) | 011 568 9074
  • Johannesburg (Turffontein) | 011 681 0025
  • Randburg (St Johns) | 011 326 1550

Department Contact Info

Mechanical Engineering

51 Maxwell Street, 1619
Kempton Park, SA

+27 11 568 9074

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Why Study Here?

Our Matric Rewrite Center classes focuses more on concept comprehension, revision and examination coaching. This gives learners much assurance of passing their exams. We revisit past examination questions analyzing the papers together with the learners so that they learn the techniques and strategies of tackling question.

Much time is devoted to those subjects, learners think they are difficult such as Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology. Thorough revisions and practice is done for those subjects.

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